Osteopathy for your company

Osteopathy plays an important role in occupational health and has been included in examples of best practice cited by the UK Health and Safety Executive. Osteopathic advice on manual handling and workstation ergonomics may contribute to injury prevention, whilst osteopathic treatment aims to assist a rapid return to work in conditions such as muscle and tendon injuries, sciatica, repetitive strain injuries, and back and neck pain.

According to a recent Government sponsored report, health related problems resulted in over 100 million working days being lost in 2006, at a cost to the economy of over £100 billion. Many of these lost days were due to the same forms of musculoskeletal disorders that Newton Osteopathy specialises in treating.

A number of different corporate healthcare schemes are available in order to suit the specific requirements of each individual organisation. Whichever scheme you choose for your company you may rest assured that you and your employees will benefit from a holistic approach to healthcare that aims to save your company money via a reduced rate of injury related absence from work, whilst at the same time ensuring that your staff feel valued as individuals.

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